STEM and Makerspaces

STEM education is becoming more and more necessary in today’s ever-changing world and digital-based job market. As professions become more reliant on science-based solutions, technological advancements, engineering feats, and the math to make it all happen, it just makes sense to prepare today’s students and communities for the jobs of the future and to empower them to change the world.

Makerspaces — in classrooms, libraries, or community centers — are excellent ways to introduce STEM concepts with hands-on learning in a collaborative setting. They remove barriers of access for their user community by providing opportunities to explore new interests in low-cost and safe environments, thereby closing the gender and socio-economic gaps in STEM-related fields.

A Makerspace is just that: a space for making. It provides a place for growth, learning, and shared interests wholly determined by the needs and wants of your community. Start with a monthly maker program or STEM meetup and develop organically as your community excitement builds and your needs evolve.

TLC is proud to offer technology to make your Makerspace come alive. Whether your Makerspace is just getting started or well on its way, TLC can help give it that extra spark by providing extensive kits to promote do-it-yourself learning in school libraries.

TLC Makerspace kits provide students with hands-on, STEM-based learning experiences using fun, interactive projects. You decide the area of focus for your students, and our Makerspace kits will provide everything you need. Choose from topics like robotics, physics, coding, 3D printing, electronics and more!

TLC Makerspaces encourage creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to successfully strategize with others – and they’re fun too!

What direction can you imagine for your school library Makerspace? We’ll help you craft a Makerspace that students will enjoy and educators will appreciate. Contact us today for more information: 800.325.7759.

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Rhia Stark has held various roles as a library professional since she started as a page in 2010. Aside from presenting Storytimes, her favorite and most notable role in the public library was developing STEM-based makerspace programming for all ages and learning styles. As a self-proclaimed tinkerer, she firmly believes that anyone can create and should feel empowered to do so.

Now as the STEM Specialist for The Library Corporation, Rhia has the opportunity to work with libraries and schools all over the country to enhance their unique maker programs and makerspaces and foster a sense of wonder and creativity for their users.

Contact us today for more information: 800.325.7759.

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A great partnership between vendor and library is not based on technology, rather it is based on service. Unlike other vendors, who will hand you a product and walk away, TLC takes the time to make sure you and your school or library staff are comfortable with the technology and feel empowered to incorporate it into your classrooms and makerspaces. After all, technology is only a tool; it’s not the whole story.

Curriculum Services – TLC can create STEM and Maker programs for your library with consideration for your community, staffing, and technology needs. Additionally, TLC can create standards-based lesson plans for incorporating STEM and educational technology into your classrooms, school libraries, and media centers.

Consulting Services – Have questions about getting your makerspace up and going? We are here to help with resources from idea-sharing to on-site collaboration with you and your staff.

Contact us today for more information: 800.325.7759.

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