Professional Development

TLC•SmartTECH wants you and your staff to be successful and have all the tools necessary to create hands-on programs. Our customizable, intensive workshops provide you with access to our knowledgeable STEM Specialist who can help you incorporate any of our exciting products into your programming. We can also present on higher-level topics such as 3D Printing or incorporating STEM into non-STEM subjects. Choose from the options below or let us know what you would like to know!

The Professional Development topics below are 4-hour in-person workshops (except for the 2-Day Builders Package). Most of these can be scaled down to a 90-minute high-level remote webinar or paired with another 4-hour workshop for a full day of Professional Development.

4-Hour Workshop – $750*
Full-Day Workshop – $1500*
90-Minute Remote Session – $250
*Additional travel charges may apply.

Hands-On Workshops
Fake It ‘Til You Make It — Hosting a Program WhenYou Don’t Know the Skill
Workshop: Designing a Library Program
Marketing and Public Relations for Libraries
Introduction to Robotics & Coding
Game-Based Learning Programs
Video Production in the Library
Workshop: Makerspace?! I Don’t Have Any Space!
Incorporating STEM into non-STEM subjects
Makerspace 101 — Getting Off the Ground

3D Printing Series
3D Printing 101: 3D Printing Demystified (for front-end staff)
3D Printing 101: 3D Printing Demystified (for administration and decision-makers)
3D Printing 102: I Have a 3D Printer, Now What?! (Program Design) (Prereq: 101)
3D Printing 201: 3D Design (Prereq: 101)
3D Printing 210: Slicing (Prereq: 101)
3D Printing 220: Hardware (Prereq: 101)

JellyBOX 2-Day Builders Package includes one 3D printer and topics covered in
3D Printing 101 and 220. $2,400 + Additional travel charges may apply.