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AirComfort Climate Tracking Device by Tactos from HamiltonBuhl

Today, success is driven by not only what you know, but by what you can do with what you know. In this ever-increasing complex world, it’s more important than ever for our school kids to be armed with the expertise and skills to find solutions to difficult problems, collect, assess and analyze data, and make sense of information.
HamiltonBuhl’s all-new AirComfort by Tactos is a unique device that delivers on STEAM education requirements. This handy device measures temperature and humidity in 5-40 minute adjustable minutes.
However, what sets AirComfort apart is the free companion app. It collects, tracks and visually shows the measured climate changes in chart form, allowing kids as young as elementary school age engage with their environment like never before.
Once the data is collected, they can begin to chart, graph, analyze and draw conclusions, then run experiments to see if they can affect change. What a great way to introduce kids to statistics, reporting and analysis. Without realizing it, they will be learning an essential STEAM skill set that prepares them for their future.
This unique gadget connects via Bluetooth, allowing monitoring of surroundings on a mobile device (iPhone or Android). Data can be saved for 100 days in graph form, tracking past readings, adding custom new ones, if desired. Students will learn how to evaluate and track the data they have saved, plus they learn about temperature and humidity changes from day to day, and season to season.
Features Include:

Track and evaluate data, compare results and past readings, add custom new ones
Learn about temperature and humidity changes from day to day, and season to season
Free app helps track and chart all the data
Make comparisons and analyze data results
Can be used with the HamiltonBuhl LED GrowLight to chart progress of growing plants in certain temperatures and humidity conditions

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