Spectra VR 8-Person STEAM Multi-Pack Kit with Carrying Case

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Introduce your students to the incredible world of Virtual Reality, where discovery and learning possibilities are immersive, limitless and exciting!

The Spectra VR™ STEAM Multi-Pack Kit comes with eight (8) Spectra VR™ goggles – the affordable yet exceptional-quality virtual reality goggles from HamiltonBuhl – in our large custom-padded, lockable carrying case (lock not included).

With the Spectra VR™ goggles, seemingly “boring” topics will come alive and become exciting adventures. Students can take a narrated virtual field trip to the moon; explore ancient ruins; marvel at priceless works of art; “go inside” volcanoes or practice flying a plane. The experiences are limitless, and the impact of an amazing and engaging discovery in or outside of the classroom is priceless!

Transform a smartphone – iPhone or Android – into an exciting, engaging and interactive virtual reality world by simply loading it with any number of free VR apps, and then placing it into the goggles. Put on the goggles to be transported as images, sound and movement surround you – your viewpoint adjusts as you move your head or body in any direction, fully immersing you into the VR world!

The eight person SpectraVR™ STEAM Multi-Pack Kit is an invaluable teaching aid:

It engages students in an active discovery
It immerses students into the experience eliminating distractions
Learning and retention improve with active, self-directed exploration
Brings to life complex subjects, theories and concepts improving understanding
Appropriate for all types of learning stylesSpectraVR™ STEAM 8-Person Multi-Pack comes with:

8 SpectraVR™ Virtual Reality Goggles (S14GVRBK)
Large, Durable Lockable Case (HMC) with Custom Foam Padding (lock not included)
Specifications for SpectraVR™:

For children of all ages!
Comfortable head straps and foam leatherette cushion padding
High quality 45mm lenses
Supports mobile device sizes up to 4.96 x 2.87

Prop 65 Compliant

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 16 x 13 in


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