NovelBranch Mini-Library

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The NovelBranch is an economical and fun way to provide library services to a large variety of indoor locations across your community. With an RFID equipped cabinet and a network connection you can allow patrons to check-out and return their books all in one simple and easy process!

24/7 Service at a Variety of Locations!

Extend your community reach with NovelBranch – a mini-library your customers can access 24/7. With a network cable and power outlet, you can provide valuable library services to a large variety of locations including: Nursing homes, hospitals, daycares, community centres and more! All they need is a library card.

Browse the Catalogue Naturally

The NovelBranch features a sturdy transparent door which allows the patrons to view the material with their own eyes while they make a selection. The discovery process feels natural and locating the perfect book by serendipity is always fun!

Intuitive and Simple Process

The transparent door is equipped with an electronic lock that is opened with the presentation of a library card. Once the door is closed, a receipt is printed with a list of the material removed from the NovelBranch. The receipt clearly indicates the material’s due date. Returning is super easy too: present the card, open the door, and place the books back on the shelf. An intuitive user interface will help guide the patron through the whole process via an onboard touchscreen display.

Authenticate with your ILS

NovelBranch uses RFID technology to track the material removed from and returned to the cabinet. The NovelBranch communicates with your ILS through SIP2, ensuring that your circulation information is reflected instantly. The software also has a full featured staff mode from which you can run inventory reports.

Technical Specs
125 books, 5 shelves 12” screen 80mm thermal printer 100-240v input voltage 503 D X 1351 W X 1920 H mm RFID: ISO15693, 18000-3-1 RFID: data models: ISO28560, Danish Patron card: barcode, Mifare Pin code entry: touchscreen Connectivity: TCP/IP ILS: SIP, SIP2