Cubelets Curiosity


Curiosity Set
The building blocks of better thinkers.
Build, learn, and create more with the Cubelets Curiosity Set. Open a box of little robot blocks that will intrigue, fascinate, and inspire builders for hours on end. You’ve never seen building blocks like these. Cubelets make it easier than ever to explore robotics, coding, and other big ideas.

Building better thinkers.
We believe that toys shape how children think about the world. So we make toys designed to inspire at home, and in the classroom, museum, camp, or club.The toys we play with inform us. Which is why we build toys that can educate, inspire, delight, and connect us.

Just like building blocks, only smarter.
Cubelets are little blocks of software inside little blocks of hardware. Each Cubelet has a special function, so how you assemble your robot changes its behavior. Every combination is a new creation.

How Cubelets work.
Each Cubelet has a special function and belongs to one of three categories: SENSE Cubelets take in information from the robot’s environment. THINK Cubelets compute and change that information, and ACT Cubelets turn that information into a physical action.

Cubelets’ magnetic faces make them simple to snap together and pull apart. Connect at least one SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelet to create a robot construction.

Build hundreds and hundreds of robot constructions with the Cubelets Curiosity Set. Visit the Create with Cubelets page for tutorials, sample, robots, and more!

The yellow Brick Adapters connect to LEGO® and other brick building- block toys.

Introducing the Bluetooth® Hat.
The Bluetooth® Hat pairs robot constructions with mobile devices. Simple, proximity-based pairing makes connecting easy. Cap your creations with the Bluetooth® Hat to add new abilities using the free Cubelets app.

Remote Control.
The Cubelets app is your portal to the software blocks inside each Cubelet. Remote Control manipulates individual Cubelets to change the behavior of an entire robot construction.

Personality Swap.
Easily switch and swap the software blocks inside your Cubelets. Use Personality Swap to change a Cubelet’s code with the touch of a button. Switch a Drive Cubelet to spin backwards, or turn a Flashlight Cubelet into a disco-blinking wonder. Reinvent your robot play with Personality Swap.

Invent new Personalities with Blocky.
Expand your robot-building horizons when you code your own Cubelets Personalities. Cubelets Blockly is a visual, drag-and-drop programming language that gives beginners all the tools they need to create new and exciting robot behaviors. With Blockly, the robot-building possibilities are endless!

Discover big ideas.
Cubelets are a great introduction to computational thinking. Computational thinking is a fancy term for the process computer scientists take to tackle challenges. It helps break down complex problems, and find repeatable solutions. Computational Thinking is just one of the many skills that educators love to teach with Cubelets.




Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 x 3.75 x 4.5 in


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