TLC is proud to offer technology to make your Makerspace come alive. Whether your Makerspace is just getting started or well on its way, TLC can help give it that extra spark by providing extensive kits to promote do-it-yourself learning in school libraries.

TLC Makerspace kits provide students with hands-on, STEM-based learning experiences using fun, interactive projects. You decide the area of focus for your students, and our Makerspace kits will provide everything you need. Choose from topics like robotics, physics, coding, 3D printing, electronics and more!

TLC Makerspaces encourage creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to successfully strategize with others – and they’re fun too!

What direction can you imagine for your school library Makerspace? We’ll help you craft a Makerspace that students will enjoy and educators will appreciate. Contact us today for more information: 800.325.7759.

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