ITSMARC is one of the largest, most current copy cataloging resource pools available, accessible via the Internet and Z39.50. Both access methods are fast and easy, delivering MARC records using the fastest search technology in the library industry. At one low, fixed price per year, you can search the entire pool of high-quality MARC records.

Book jacket images, tables of contents (TOCs), and reviews are included with the Web service. Jacket art can be viewed with properly equipped Z39.50 cataloging software, such as TLC’s BiblioFile. The images enable you to quickly verify a record match, while TOCs and reviews help classification and subject assignment.


TLC’s BiblioFile cataloging software is included with ITSMARC at no extra charge. BiblioFile features multi-lingual cataloging, result set filtering, Z39.50 client, browser component, full support of ISBN-13, local authority vertification, label printing, and other advanced features. BiblioFile is the choice of professional catalogers whose time and quality constraints are most demanding.

Explore the wealth of included and premium ITSMARC databases at ITSMARC.comFor a free 30-day trial of ITSMARC and BiblioFile, call TLC at 1.800.325.7759.