Your Partner … From 6+ Feet Away

Your Partner … From 6+ Feet Away

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So your library is closed due to COVID-19, and your manager asked you to take this time to focus on Professional Development (PD) or Continuing Education (CE) during your newfound “free” time. The giddiness (maybe stress) of working from home is finally starting to wear off and now you’re ready to dive headfirst into some of those projects you’ve had on your to-do list for months – maybe even years. Which one do you choose?

Your inbox is flooded with offers from vendors – some you only vaguely remember signing up for their newsletter or maybe purchasing something small from them years ago. Everyone is sharing virtual resources, tips and tricks for using their products online, or projects for your kids to do while they’re out of school or finishing the school year remotely. Are you finding it hard to focus?

Maybe you are taking this time to evaluate new products and resources to add to your collections for when this eventually all blows over. You could be thinking up new program ideas or playtesting the items in your makerspace that have only been opened once since they were originally purchased. You finally have the time to really explore and plan and play.

We get it. This is a really weird time for everybody. And we are all in this together. TLC•SmartTECH continues to be your consultative partner for all your hands-on learning and technology needs — even if you are not looking to purchase today or this week or while sheltering in place. We know how essential you are to your community, and we are here to support you.


If you are looking for more PD and CE options, we have workshops covering topics from the high level “Designing a Library Program” to the more technical 3D Printing series. All available virtually and all within your budget. Really. Just looking to bounce an idea off someone? We do that too.

If you are evaluating products and tools, we provide free virtual demonstrations and answer all of your questions. We are real human beings with expertise in all areas of our products (how they work, how you can incorporate them into your programs, how to circulate them, how they charge, what online resources they have – really all of it).

For a one-stop resource on all things STEM, Maker, Hands-On Learning, and Library Tech, reach out to us anytime. My inbox and Twitter are always open.

Rhia Stark
STEM Specialist
Twitter: @RhiaStark @TLCSmartTECH

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